You need to make certain that your information concerning your credit card billing address is correct.

You may be confident that your order should be going through the system and it still isn't. If this is the situation you're in, follow this checklist:

1) You have checked your billing fields and found them correct. Now you need to check it again. Don't just browse it. Look up the information that your card issuer has and match it word-for-word.

2) One thing you may want to put into the “billing address field” is your previous address, especially if you have moved within the last few months. Sometimes it takes a while for big credit issuers to update data.

3) Nothing working yet? Have you tried using a different card?

4) If none of these options worked, you can always reach us during normal business hours of 9am to 6pm (central time zone). Our toll-free service number is 1-888-687-4478. United States toll free only.

I Want to Buy Something, But The Shopping Cart Keeps Coming Up Blank.

Our shopping cart system requires that you have “cookies” enables in whatever browser you may be using.

In your privacy settings, your cookies are most likely disengaged in your Internet Browser settings. This will be a problem if you want to buy things on the Internet.

If you do not feel comfortable changing these settings, then all you have to do is call us! We are available to take your order over the phone from 9am to 6pm Central.

If you want awesome shirts made from preshrunk, 100% cotton...then you came to the right place. Our competitors are not quite as concerned about the shirt the sell after it ships, but we want you to enjoy your purchase for a long, long time.
I would really love to get some shirts, but I don't feel comfortable giving out my credit card information on the Internet. Are there other payment options like money orders?

We really do accept mailed payments for your shirt order with no problem whatsoever. Just follow these three simple instructions, and you'll have your shirts in no time.

1) We need to know the shirt choices you want to buy, but we'll also need to know the style of shirt, the color, and the size of it. Email those choices, along with your shipping address and your need to pay offline, by clicking on THIS LINK

2) Once we get your email with your information, we'll email you right back! Ours will be an invoice that includes your total cost after compiling shirt and shipping fees. It will also include our address to ship your payment to.

3) Go ahead and print out the invoice email you were sent and send your money order and the invoice to the address we provided in a USPS approved envelope. We'll process your order and ship it right out when we get your payment!

Getting what I pay for quickly is important to me. How long does it take for you to actually put my package in the mail?

We want you, as our customer, to be happy so that you'll want to always come to us for all of your awesome t-shirt needs. This is why we strive to have the fastest shipping speed our means can provide. We will be sending your shirts within just one business day of getting your order.

Our hours of operation are between 7am and 3pm. All orders that we get after 3pm will be process the following business day. All orders are processed, and then shipped the day after processing. We don't process orders or ship on the weekends and holidays.

If you happen to place your order with us on one of these days our doors are not open, then we will be making your order the very next shipping day available. If you order on Thanksgiving, then your order will be going out on the following Monday.

Almost all of the product we sell is in stock and waiting for you to order it so that we can send it to you right away, but on rare occasions we may be out of stock on the shirts you want.

Even if we have to reorder supplies, this will only set your order back a couple of days and you will still receive your purchases much faster than if you had ordered from some other site.

Everyone wants their packages shipped quick, and we're sure to oblige. Some people need their shirts even quicker, though. That's why there are three different shipping types, one of which is sure to satisfy your specific needs.
If you live in the United States, then there are three types of shipping for you to choose from.

1) Standard Shipping will take around 3-8 Postal Shipping Days.

2) Expedited Shipping is our second fastest speed, at just 2-3 Postal Shipping Days.

3) Express Shipments are only for those people who have to have the order in the fastest way possible. All orders are given a certain amount of priority, but EXPRESS orders are of the highest order of importance. These orders will be delivered in only ONE to TWO days.

ITEM OF INTEREST! Hawaiian and Alaskan shipments will always be shipped with Priority Mail and arrive into you waiting hands anywhere from 5-10 working days.

These are only shipping estimates, and cannot take into consideration mail delays with the Post Office or rare processing issues during the infrequent times that supplies are out of stock for your order.

Please include your e-mail address when you make your order. When we ship your order, you will get information to track your delivery. People who order outside of the United States of America, people with a PO Box address, people in Alaska, and people in Hawaii can not receive this service. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are very proud to offer our excellent products to the International customers in Norway, Canada, Sweden, Britain, North Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and The Nederlands.

When shipping Internationally, patience is necessary as it may take upwards of eight full weeks for your order to be delivered. When ordering during the Holidays, this is especially true.

Please do not contact us in one week, asking where your order is.

Much to our regret, we cannot offer tracking information for International mail at this time.

International Law stipulates that every International Shipment must provide a listing of all of its contents and a total inventory value. We cannot make any exceptions, even if you want to declare that your order is a gift.

In addition to this, you may see that you can have additional charges levied against your order when it enters your country. You are responsible for paying these Customs Fees.

If you need any information concerning Customs fees and procedure, please call your area's customs agent.

We most definitely ship to all Military Addresses! We are hugely grateful for the sacrifice our soldiers willingly make to preserve freedom here, and abroad.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our faster means of shipment to Military destinations, since so many of them are across the ocean. Express and Expedited shipments are unavailable to Military orders.

We cannot give you an approximation of delivery time to APO/FPO addresses, so please disregard the listed times above. Please be patient for overseas orders.

If you are ordering your shirt to be delivered to a PO BOX address, then it will be shipped with USPS Standard Mail, which will take 3-5 Work Days to arrive.
I need assurance that my information is safe in your hands and cannot be leaked when I use your shopping cart software.

Your security is very important to us as well, so we offer secure and safe shipping to all of our customers. When you click the “add to cart” button, you are immediately taken to a secure server where our shopping cart transactions are completed. You may then continue shopping and leave the secured server, or proceed to checkout within the safety of that secure server.

If you cannot make yourself trust an Internet company with your info, we still would love your patronage. Please call us at 1-888-687-4478 (Toll Free in the United States of America) to place your order with a willing customer service agent.

For those of you who want to call and place an International Order, you may call us at 1-731-588-5690.

I'm not going to get sent a bunch of email garbage after I order, will I? I'm not buying a thing until you tell me you have a Privacy Policy.

You can rest assured knowing that your info is only used to send you the shirts you order, and nothing else. Your email is used to send tracking info, and nothing else. Ever.

Our Quality Shows Through.

We know you want the best, and we are very pleased to say that we are the people to come to if that's what you're looking for. We may not be as cheap as some of the other t shirt companies, but our shirts aren't cheaply made.

We have done our research. We've ordered shirts from dozens of competitors, and we've found that the vast majority of them use the same kind of shirts that come three to a pack at your local SuperCenter.

Our shirts are made to last you for a long time, and we have a satisfaction guarantee that backs that statement up.

While you are certainly welcome to buy any of our slim-fit shirt styles, you also have access to all of the thicker, more durable shirts that are made from 100%, preshrunk cotton.

I would like to have my shirts done with a special request. Can you make all of my shirts with the images displayed on the backs of my tees?

That would be no problem at all. If you want the shirt designs placed on the back, please proceed with your order as normal. When it comes time for you to enter any special comments, merely say that you want your shirt designs placed on the back of the shirts. We'll do this for you at no extra charge.

Company Policy Concerning Returns

All of the shirts you buy are made the day after you order them to your exact specifications. That means that on orders above a certain price range will incur a restocking fee if they are returned, and the return is not due to anything our company did wrong. We are not responsible for refunding shipment costs.

$1 - $100 order = 0% restocking fee

$101 - $499 order = 20% restocking fee

$500 - $999 order = 30% restocking fee

$1000 and up = 50% restocking fee